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Are you a good leader? 10 questions to ask yourself!

We all want to believe that we are good leaders but what we may think is good leadership vs. what good leadership is might be two different things. Some people believe that being a great leader means being liked, which is not always the case. Just because you are liked does not mean you are a great leader. Others may believe that driving results means that they have mastered leadership.

When in reality great leaders drive results through holding their teams and themselves accountable to behaviors, expectations and results. They coach their people and make their people better by giving new information, best practices and effective feedback. They create a culture where there is balance between performance and personnel. They provide clear and trackable expectations that are consistently discussed and tracked. They lead by example in how they behave, speak and work. They know how to source and hire the best people.

Great leaders build strong teams by hiring the best people, coaching those people to be better, getting in the trenches, communicating clearly their expectations and maintaining high accountability from top to bottom.

Rate yourself on a scale of 1 -10. 1 = Seldom do this, 10 = Consistently excel at this

  1. Do you hold yourself accountable?

  2. Do you hold all of your people accountable?

  3. Are you a good coach? Do you help make your people better?

  4. Do you create a culture where there is a balance between performance and personnel?

  5. Are your expectations clear and trackable?

  6. Are your processes structured?

  7. Do you lead by example?

  8. Do you know how to find and hire talented people?

  9. Do you drive results?

  10. Do you empower your people to do what they do best?

Now, if you are brave ask your direct reports to rank you.

Whatever area you ranked low on, there are a ton of books that can help you increase your score. (Comment below if you need recommendations)

Let me be very clear, you will NEVER be perfect. I still screw up from time to time after 20 years in leadership. BUT it is our job as leaders to check ourselves periodically to make sure we are the best we can be so that our people are the best they can be.

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